Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello to anyone who finds this. I've created this as an effort to catalogue the various projects I find myself working on. I get distracted rather easy and tend to sporadically work on random things from dev projects to 3d printing and even the occasional electronics work. I intend to post as regularly as I can manage to remember and have time.

Personal Backstory

I've started learning how to code for the first time when I was 15. Oddly enough it was a mod called Computer Craft in Minecraft that started me on this journey. I was hooked quickly. At the time as a kid growing up in a very rural area that still had dial up until I was 15 it seemed almost magical that anyone that wanted to could learn how to code. Everyone around me treated computers like a little black box with zero chance of understanding how they worked but for me it was just an opportunity to learn something unique and challenging.

Fast forward to 19 years old I had stuck with it but mostly was still just programming in LUA for Computer Craft. I experimented a bit with Unity but did not make anything of note. This was however my first interaction with anything besides LUA. It was a bit of a learning curve as LUA is incredibly forgiving although C# itself in retrospect is alway rather easy to write in. At 19 I joined the United States Air Force and served 6 years until last year when I separated. I enjoyed my time and learned a lot but was quite busy. I did during that time learn a fair amount about other languages and work on other projects. I experimented with C++, JavaScript, C#, Java and C. I also moved on to Unreal Engine as my prefered way of experimenting with game design/development.

I am 26 now and going to school full time at Penn State University for Software Engineering. A little late but thanks to my service I am fortunate to have great education benefits. I just finished my first semester and plan to go back and write articles about various classwork that I did related to software engineering and anything I do in the future.

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